Posted on Aug 8, 2019

Joy Engelman

"Moods of Mungo" - Mungo Lodge, Arumpo Road, Arumpo, Victoria 3500

I have just mounted my first mini show at Mungo Lodge and am thrilled with the look of it all.... it is so nice to have been invited to exhibit in the gallery there and display my different works of Lake Mungo. I find such inspiration at this sacred place, a celestial feel for Mother Earth and a connection that I find hard to explain. It is a priviledge to be included into this landscape and recognised as an artist who has found her 'peace' and 'self' out there in the wilderness. Thank you to Lou, John and the staff who are proud of my work. Thank you to Ivan, indigenous man who accepted my work as a representation of his country and allowed it to be displayed in Mungo Lodge. I hope my work acts as a bridge between the cultures and shows my deep respect for this country.
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